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January 11–17, 2015
Spa (Belgium)

Organizing committee:

Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace
Tom De Medts
David Hume
François Le Maître

Scientific committee:

Michelle Bucher (chair)
Kate Juschenko
Ben Klopsch
Seonhee Lim
Pierre Py
Alessandro Sisto
Anne Thomas
Kevin Wortman


Young Geometric Group Theory IV

— dedicated to the memory of Kamil Duszenko (1986–2014)

Kamil Duszenko (1986–2014) studied at Wroclaw University, where he was working in Geometric Group Theory.

Gold medalist of the International Math Olympiad, he worked later in the main committee of the Polish National Olympiad, coming up with problems and writing up their solutions. In 2009 he received the first prize in the Jozef Marcinkiewicz Competition for the best student article in Poland.

He was one of the organisers of the first Young GGT Meeting in Bedlewo, responsible for the webpage, poster, and research statements brochure.

Having been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia shortly after having filed his PhD, he left only a handful of articles. One of his results is that in any non-affine Coxeter group for each n there is an element that is not a product of less than n reflections. In his PhD he was studying the existence of hyperbolic quotients of non-affine Coxeter groups.

Kamil was very sociable, not missing an occasion to drop in for a seminar when he was visiting Warsaw and reporting on all the news from Wroclaw. Besides his mathematical activities, Kamil was also a hiker, a bridge player and a talented pianist: many of the partipants of the first YGGT meeting will remember his impressive playing of some pieces from the great classical repertoire resonating in the air around the Bedlewo castle.

Always ready to discuss passionately mathematics, his presence was inspiring and valuable to those who had the chance to meet him. Energetic, smiling, and perceptive, he will be greatly missed.