Hobbies of Tom De Medts


I am an active amateur chess player, currently playing in a chess club in Landegem (near Ghent, Belgium), with an ELO rating fluctuating around 2050.

I have assembled some information about online chess websites, as well as a collection of chess lectures, on my chess webpage.


I started my musical education when I was 5. A year later, I started playing the guitar, but I have never been too successful (although I followed guitar courses for about 10 years). When I was 12 or so, I also started playing the piano, which I liked more. Since 2017, I started playing the accordion (chromatic) and I love it! I also play guitar in a folk band of the music academy of Deinze.

After the initial 5 years of "basic" musical education, I took some specialized courses in (mostly classical) music theory, for 6 years, where I learned to analyze music and to compose music. I've put a couple of my attempts online, but they are already many years old — it's high time to make some new attempts!

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