Tom De Medts @ Ghent University


Guitar – Piano – Accordion

I started my musical education when I was 5. A year later, I started playing the guitar, but I have never been too successful (although I followed guitar courses for about 10 years). When I was 12 or so, I also started playing the piano, which I liked more. Since September 2017, I started playing the accordion (chromatic) and I love it! I play on a Bugari 580/ARS/C. I also play guitar in a folk band of the music academy of Deinze.


After the initial 5 years of "basic" musical education, I took some specialized courses in (mostly classical) music theory, for 6 years, where I learned to analyze music and to compose music. I've put a couple of my attempts below, but they are already many years old — it's high time to make some new attempts! Some of them are better than others, but you can make up your own mind. All of them were created with my old Roland JV-1000.

  1. Funny
    One of my first songs, but not the worst. Contains a very ugly church-organ part though, which I'm planning to remove.   [Download]
  2. Honey
    My favorite. Very balanced, and a nice "aggressive" part in the middle.   [Download]
  3. Blue Sky
    Rather sounds like an improvisation. Not very interesting.   [Download]
  4. Bump!
    A techno song. Not my style, but who knows, you might like it ;-)   [Download]
  5. Hello World
    Nice rhythm, but that's all there is to it.   [Download]
  6. Life & Soul
    Interesting song, but the drums have to be reworked, since they are very very boring... (The song is also too long, in my opinion.)   [Download]
  7. I'm in Doubt
    Quiet song, rather good I think, but with a very bad fast part in the middle (which I will remove).   [Download]
  8. Horizon
    Bad song, the drums are way too hard.   [Download]
  9. Telindus jingle
    A 16-second jingle that I created for Telindus. I've no idea whether they ever used it ;-)   [Download]


My chess club

I am playing in a chess club in Landegem (not so far from Ghent) called De Vrijschaker Landegem, and I currently have an ELO rating of 2030. See this web page to see my rating evolution (the web page contains many chess statistics for all Belgian players).

Chess online

I used to play on a few different web sites but now I almost exclusively use, for both quick games and slow correspondence games, and it has all features I need. It loads very quickly, and you don't need to install external software to use it. It is "the forever free, adless and open source chess server". Highly recommended.