Tom De Medts @ Ghent University


Guitar – Piano – Accordion

I started my musical education when I was 5. A year later, I started playing the guitar, but I have never been too successful (although I followed guitar courses for about 10 years). When I was 12 or so, I also started playing the piano, which I liked more. Since September 2017, I started playing the accordion (chromatic) and I love it! I play on a Bugari 580/ARS/C. I also play guitar in a folk band of the music academy of Deinze.


After the initial 5 years of "basic" musical education, I took some specialized courses in (mostly classical) music theory, for 6 years, where I learned to analyze music and to compose music.

I recently created some new songs:

I have also assembled my old compositions below, created with my old (and now dead) Roland JV-1000.

  1. Funny
    One of my first songs, but not the worst. Contains a very ugly church-organ part though, which I'm planning to remove.   [Download]
  2. Honey
    My favorite. Very balanced, and a nice "aggressive" part in the middle.   [Download]
  3. Blue Sky
    Rather sounds like an improvisation. Not very interesting.   [Download]
  4. Bump!
    A techno song. Not my style, but who knows, you might like it ;-)   [Download]
  5. Hello World
    Nice rhythm, but that's all there is to it.   [Download]
  6. Life & Soul
    Interesting song, but the drums have to be reworked, since they are very very boring... (The song is also too long, in my opinion.)   [Download]
  7. I'm in Doubt
    Quiet song, rather good I think, but with a very bad fast part in the middle (which I will remove).   [Download]
  8. Horizon
    Bad song, the drums are way too hard.   [Download]
  9. Telindus jingle
    A 16-second jingle that I created for Telindus. I've no idea whether they ever used it ;-)   [Download]


My chess club

I am playing in a chess club in Landegem (not so far from Ghent) called De Vrijschaker Landegem, and I currently have an ELO rating of 2027. See this web page to see my rating evolution (the web page contains many chess statistics for all Belgian players).

Chess online

I used to play on a few different web sites but now I almost exclusively use, for both quick games and slow correspondence games, and it has all features I need. It loads very quickly, and you don't need to install external software to use it. It is "the forever free, adless and open source chess server". Highly recommended.