Research of Tom De Medts


I am leading the research group "Algebra" of the Department of Mathematics of Ghent University. We currently have 2 PostDocs and 4 PhD students in our group.

My own research focuses on the connection between group theoretical structures (in particular certain classes of doubly transitive groups known as Moufang sets, a notion introduced by Jacques Tits) and not necessarily associative algebraic structures, such as Jordan algebras, quadratic forms, structurable algebras, and other algebraic objects related to linear algebraic groups. I am particularly interested in exceptional linear algebraic groups.

Many connections with other areas are also explored:

  • incidence geometry (building theory);
  • Lie theory;
  • topological groups (profinite groups and, more generally, totally disconnected locally compact groups);
  • model theory (groups of finite Morley rank);
  • finite group theory.

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