Tom De Medts @ Ghent University

Bachelor Courses

Computerproject Wiskunde

  • Bachelor in Mathematics, 1st year, 1st semester
  • Consists of two parts: Part I (LaTeX) is taught by Kris Coolsaet, Part II (Sage) by me.

Algebra I

  • Bachelor in Mathematics, 2nd year, 1st semester
  • The course notes (in Dutch) are available here.

Algebra II

  • Bachelor in Mathematics, 3rd year, 2nd semester
  • The course notes (in Dutch) are available here.

Lineaire Algebra en Meetkunde

  • Bachelor in Computer Science, 1st year, 2nd semester

Master Courses

Linear Algebraic Groups

  • Master in Mathematics, 2nd semester
  • The course notes (in English) are available here.

Selected Topics in Algebra

  • Master in Mathematics, 2nd semester, only taught in odd academic years (e.g. in 2023-2024 but not in 2024-2025)
  • This course is often taught by other people of our department (postdocs, visitors, ...)

Creative Commons License
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